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Composer, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator, musical director, record producer and musician, Ernest McCarty has written and arranged scores for stage, screen, television, commercials and recordings. All of McCarty's musicals have been produced and performed in theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Pittsburgh, as well as other cities across the country. His impressive career in the music business includes musical director for the legendary blues, folk and gospel singer Odetta; for the “Queen of Disco” Gloria Gaynor; for Ja’net Dubois of “Good Times;” for legendary rhythm & blues and jazz singer Oscar Brown, Jr.; for actor, director, singer, composer, musician and screenwriter Noel Harrison; and for singer, pianist and arranger Buddy Greco. As musical director and musician (bassist and pianist), he has performed all over Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. His score for The Martin Luther King Suite brought NBC-TV an Emmy.

Carl H. Davis, record producer
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Theresa Davis’ long awaited new CD I Remember Love with composer and musical director Ernest McCarty at the helm, raises the standard for all divas. Tee, a former member of The Emotions, is at her highest level. Every love song, a gem wrapped in velvet and silk, will remind you why you are craving to hear a singer with real vocal talent these days. The dozen songs written and arranged especially for Tee are perfection and delivered with her usual mesmerizing vocalizations. Tee is currently appearing on tour with Sue Conway and the famed gospel group, The Victory Singers and is also performing with the West Coast group Tour De 4Force.



Theresa Davis’ new CD Someone You Want To Love contains songs written especially for her by composer and arranger Ernest McCarty. It has been said that Tee is the quintessential singer’s singer and a songwriter’s dream. Smooth and tender, Tee’s voice has been likened to water for its purity, clarity and tranquilizing effect. While the entire CD is excellent listening, you are sure to find several songs that you will claim as favorites.

Diva on the rise, Theresa Davis doesn’t disappoint on her new CD, “Someone You Want to Love.” Her creamy smooth jazz stylings shine through in the title song and "Love Take A Walk." Tee brings us to a deep and romantic zone with "Winter's Here" and "Do You Remember" and ends with the R&B fun of "You Are the Answer." A wonderfully produced first effort for Tee as a soloist, you will never tire of the dreams she and Ernest McCarty spin for those in love or looking for love. I recommend that you give this as the perfect gift of love to your favorite friends and lovers.

— Brenda Phillips, WHPK-Radio, 88.5 FM, Chicago

Davis has a wonderful voice and the songs in her debut CD, “Someone You Want To Love,” are lyrically strong with wickedly good support from the music. I would recommend a good glass of beer and an interesting friend with this CD set on repeat. Believe me – when that Strangeways brew slides down and the conversation pauses, your mind will be filled with the magic of Ms. Davis' vocals. I really liked “Winter's Here” and “Do You Remember.

San Francisco Herald



Ernest McCarty, producer and composer. “Dramatic spoken word love story...”

On the surface, he’s a bum, a homeless creature passers-by don’t even want to gaze upon.
But when he spits the verses he’s a griot, a soothsayer, a dread-locked John the Baptist crying in the urban wilderness...."The Poet’s Corner" reminds us that there’s not as much difference between us and the guy on the street as we like to think. There’s usually a reason people behave the way they do. If we care to listen, they might just tell us.

— Monica L. Haynes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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